Testimonial by Maarten Daelman - Company lawyer – Legal Service


After studying law and taking an additional course in economics I noticed a vacancy for a company lawyer at the National Bank. The job description of a lawyer in the economic context of a central bank seemed the ideal way of reconciling two interests. Also, working for the National Bank is socially relevant. You are working in the interests of the general public.

Soon after I started working for the Bank, it was indeed clear that the job puts you at the centre of society. Many of the issues with which the Bank is concerned appear daily in the press. As a member of the Legal Service, you have often had some influence in such matters. Moreover, a specific job description does not need to stop you exploring other horizons. Anyone who displays a keen interest and enthusiasm is soon given the chance to combine routine issues with other fascinating challenges.

There is an informal atmosphere in the Legal Service. If you want to sort something out quickly, you just go to your colleague’s office, whether senior or junior. Indeed, in my contacts outside the Legal Service I always abide by the principle that the content is more important than the packaging: a concise and meaningful explanation in a relaxed atmosphere is better than a futile meeting. The accomplishment of that 'mission' also involves a fascinating challenge!

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Maarten Daelman