Testimonial by Linda Schamp - Translator – Secretariat Service


I have always regarded the Bank as one of the most prestigious employers in Belgium. In the current context I greatly appreciate the job security which it offers, without really being part of the civil service bureaucracy.

The vacancy for a translator/reviser at the Bank offered me the chance to make use of the economic training that I had received during my secondary education.

As translators, we are lucky to be able to work as part of a young, dynamic team.

In view of the numerous tasks that the Bank performs as a member of the Eurosystem, as Belgium’s central bank and as an institution working in the public interest, we translate a wide variety of highly specialised texts, requiring great accuracy and a great deal of background research. Each text is a new challenge.

The financial advantages and the opportunity to achieve a balanced combination of work and private life, training opportunities and the varied texts are all key points that make the Bank one of the most attractive employers, in my opinion.

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Linda Schamp