Testimonial by Jean-Pierre Cadiat - IT Analyst


Having trained as a computer expert, I was really keen to work with international-scale systems, while giving myself an opportunity to try out my expertise in various different IT fields. The Bank was offering work in an organisation with an international reputation, but it was not until after I started working at the NBB that I learnt for sure than I would have daily challenges.

My job heading up an operational team in charge of the application servers puts me third in line for solving problems encountered with the Bank's computer applications. Many of these applications are critical, not just for other banks (Clearing House), and for Belgian companies (Central Balance Sheet Office), but also for all private individuals (Central Individual Credit Register).

I was also asked to manage a team, which was a first for me. So, my job is planning the team's work and coordinating with the other teams (infrastructure, network, development). Some of the projects that we are working on are carried out on a European scale, which gives me a chance to meet people like myself from other countries and from the ECB and to work together with them in setting standards for the ESCB's information technology projects.

While this working environment is stimulating, the atmosphere is also pleasant and laid-back. The employee well-being that the Bank has to offer, both as regards the work-life balance and the pay, takes some beating. The cherry on the cake?

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Jean-Pierre Cadiat