Testimonial by Kurt Van Raemdonck - Company lawyer – Legal Service


One of my key reasons for applying to the Bank was undoubtedly the unique role which it performs in the financial world as our country’s central bank. The Bank carries out its statutory tasks in the public interest, but it doesn’t stand on the sidelines. As a lawyer, I can work at the interface between private and public law. You quite often face challenging legal problems, and it takes considerable creativity to solve them. In the process, you have a great deal of contact with lawyers from the private financial sector, but you also act as the government’s adviser, including in the context of work on legislation at national or European level. The work therefore has a significant international dimension. There is frequent consultation with lawyers from other central banks and supranational institutions. The interesting contacts at national and international level are rewarding, and enable you to see things in a broader perspective.

In the Legal Service you are regarded as a full member of the team from the start, and are given due responsibility and autonomy. There is an open atmosphere in which everyone can develop initiatives themselves without needing to feel constrained by seniority or the hierarchy. You can also expect excellent support (secretariat, library, training).

Finally, as an employer the Bank respects the personal life of its employees, so that a sensible work/life balance is not an empty slogan.

In short, if you want to work for the "res publica" at a high level and in a humane environment, then the Bank will certainly be the place for you!

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Kurt Van Raemdonck