Testimonial by Ilse Rubbrecht - Statistician – National and Regional Accounts and the Business Cycle


Looking for a job with prospects, I applied to the National Bank as an economist.

I am able to use the experience I acquired in previous jobs in the field of labour market economics (research/policy work) and build on it in my present job in the Bank’s General Statistics Department.

With responsibility for calculating labour costs in the Belgian economy, you keep a close eye on what is happening in the labour market. You keep right up to date with the latest developments. In the current turbulent economic situation that is really fascinating. You also compile statistics which form the basis for making policy, so in that way your work has considerable social significance.

The calculation of labour market data is accompanied by analyses to explain the developments. In addition, it is important to incorporate the labour market aspect into the overall picture of the economy. That requires collaboration with other people at the Bank.

Meanwhile, you are always looking for different methodologies to adapt your working method in line with new policy measures, new legislation and new European directives. That way we ensure that our figures are as accurate as possible, as well as permitting comparison with other European countries.

The labour market is an extremely interesting subject to work on.

As an employer, the National Bank offers its staff many advantages, quite apart from financial considerations. For example, there is a media centre where you can borrow books and DVDs. The Bank also offers a range of training facilities. From time to time, informal lunchtime meetings are held on subjects relevant to your work. This enables you to keep your skills up-to-date and develop your career in a particular direction.

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Ilse Rubbrecht