Selection and recruitment

We offer permanent and temporary jobs. The selection and recruitment conditions vary:

Permanent contracts

the selection is a multi-stage process:

  • preliminary selection on the basis of CV (academic performance, diplomas obtained)
  • sometimes written tests
  • reasoning ability tests
  • assessment (competence and personality testing)
  • selection interview (motivation and discussion of the jobs on offer)
  • if approved: a permanent contract of employment or placing on the reserve list for calling up at a later date

Fixed-term contracts

  • Economics and Research Department
    • Trainee programme (3 to 6 months) for young researchers
    • 1 to 2 year contracts for foreigners, to assist/work on specific projects
    • win-win situation: the candidate gains additional experience in the working environment of a central bank, the NBB learns from the candidate’s previous experience
    • selection on the basis of CV and interview
  • starter jobs
    • for job seekers (registered with the National Employment Office) under the age of 26 years
    • contract for a maximum of one year (not renewable)
    • selection on the basis of an interview and then according to the jobs available
    • graduates in (art) history (for our Museum) and technical or professional education for logistics (cleaning, cooking, etc.)
  • temporary jobs
    • for temporary substitution or special projects
    • duration depending on requirements
    • no tests, but assessment on the basis of CV and interview