About NBB

The National Bank is the central bank of Belgium. It is an active member of the central banking system of the euro area (Eurosystem) and of the Single Supervision Mechanism (SSM). The Eurosystem is responsible for monetary policy in the euro area. The SSM ensures the safety and soundness of the financial institutions in the euro area, by supervising individual banks. The National Bank’s main task is to maintain price stability and a trustworthy financial system, which are basic requirements for a sound economy.

Other activities of the National Bank include lending money to the commercial banks and other financial institutions, supervising individual insurance companies, centralizing the annual accounts of Belgian companies and collecting data on credits to companies and individuals. The National Bank is one of the leading providers of financial-economic statistics of Belgium and publishes on a regular basis high–level reports on a variety of economic indicators and trends.

The National Bank employs nearly 2.000 people. Its staff members deal with a variety of challenging operational and research tasks, all to be performed in the interest of the public.

Excellence and accountability are core values in the business of central banking. We aim to ensure that the talents of our staff members, in all their diversity, are being used to their full potential, in order to achieve the tasks which have been entrusted to us in the most efficient way.

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Interview Evy De Batselier