Applied Economics and Statistics

Financial markets

  • decentralised implementation of monetary policy
  • efficient management of the gold, foreign exchange and euro portfolios in the context of the Eurosystem within a well-developed risk management framework
  • high quality services for financial institutions in the field of monetary policy, collateral management, cashless payments and the clearing and settlement of Belgian government securities and other instruments
  • State banker
  • duties concerning market regulation and supervision to promote the smooth operation of the market in government securities
  • the Bank’s centre of expertise in developments on the financial markets on which the department supplies relevant information to the management bodies of the Bank and the ECB.

Financial stability

  • promote reliable and efficient operation of financial institutions, markets and infrastructures in Belgium
  • contribute to the stability of the overall international monetary and financial system
  • take an active part in the work of international institutions and fora
  • conduct in-depth studies and analyses
  • formulate standpoints, assessments and recommendations
  • supply information to national and international authorities involved in the maintenance of monetary and financial stability, and to other financial market players.


  • efficient data gathering, producing relevant, reliable and coherent economic and financial statistics and making them available in a readily accessible form
  • the main customer group comprises parties involved in deciding and supporting policy: internally, the board of directors and various departments, and externally international institutions such as the ECB, the EC and the IMF, the government and the social partners.

International and Eurosystem coordination

  • this service is composed of an interdisciplinary team of around 15 advisors who work directly with the governor and the vice-governor and assist them in preparations for international meetings which the latter attend, such as Governing Council meetings, among others;
  • in this way, the service helps to define the National Bank of Belgium's strategy within the Eurosystem and and clarify the position that it adopts here in sensitive dossiers. The service ensures consistency of the standpoints taken by the National Bank's representatives within the various ECB working groups in Frankfurt;
  • in addition, the service coordinates preparations for meetings of the new European Systemic Risk Board. So as to be able to fulfil these tasks, this NBB service keeps in direct contact with the other national central banks and the ECB;
  • in consultation with the FPS Finance, the service also contributes to defining Belgium's stance within the IMF, the OECD, the European Union and the BIS. The service analyses dossiers that are discussed in these organisations and, since different departments in the National Bank are involved in this work, it coordinates their preparation, too;
  • the expertise that the service has makes it the most important reference and contact point in our central bank for all institutional questions concerning the functioning of monetary union and the international institutions.