Online reasoning tests

Once your job application has been accepted, you will have to take some online reasoning tests as the first step in the selection procedure.

These online Reasoning Ability Tests rapidly produce a clear and objective idea of your thinking and reasoning abilities. These tests assess your abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning skills as well as specific skills like ability to plan, technical understanding, speed and accuracy, spatial awareness analytical insight.

A link to these tests will be sent to you by e-mail: you can then do them any time you choose, within a set time limit. Once you have passed these tests, you go through to the next step in our selection procedure. If not, you must wait at least one year to be able to retake the tests.

It is better for you to do the tests at a time when you won’t be disturbed. Please note that, in order to ensure reliability of the tests, it is possible that they will have to be retaken at a later date.

Should you need any further information, have a look at the Hudson website.

Good luck!