Sylvie Griffin.

Sylvie Griffin
Sylvie Griffin

Sylvie Griffin - Financial Analyst

As the ECB is taking over the supervision of banks, the interesting job content at the Prudential Supervision of Banks and Stockbroking Firms service is turning into quite a challenge.

After having worked for one and a half years as a consultant for one of the "big four", I felt the urge to switch my focus to the public sector and to work for the common good.

Having a degree in Economics, the National Bank seemed to me to be the perfect employer. I checked out the Bank's website, where I found a vacancy for a financial analyst for the prudential supervision of banks. Though the designation of the position sounded somewhat weighty, I liked the job specification, so I chanced it!

Now I am following and supervising a big banking group with branches in various European countries. In concrete terms, I examine the financial statements, look at the solvency and liquidity situation and any risks to which the group is exposed. Since an international group is concerned, I travel frequently to meet supervisors of other group branches. Moreover, we often have on-site discussions with the institution's teams about all kinds of subjects.

Due to the recent financial crisis, banks constitute a real current topic. Consequently, my work is more fascinating than ever and very diverse. As the European Central Bank is taking over the supervision of banks, I am sure there are many challenges and opportunities ahead of me.

Apart from very interesting job content, the National Bank also offers a privileged working environment in the centre of Brussels, high-quality training both in Belgium and abroad, and the possibility to cooperate with pleasant and highly-qualified people. The atmosphere is good and relaxed!