Induction and integration

  • induction programme comprising several stages with assessment after one year
  • thorough training in the field in question before taking up the duties
  • long-term career: with us you get the chance to progress to the job that suits you best, thanks to competence management. In that way you build up a career in the long term with due stability and security
  • both expert staff and line manager posts: some are experts in their specific field, without having management functions. However, if you are suitable, you may also take on a line function. Your 'people management’ capabilities are tested in a Development Centre.


  • European: in the ESCB there are various programmes offering temporary placements with the ECB or with another central bank
  • international: the NBB has representatives in the OECD (Paris) and the IMF (Washington). It has contacts with other institutions, such as the BIS (Basel).


  • training and refresher courses are encouraged: during your annual development review you can draw up a personal development plan with your line manager
  • mobility: during the first five years, in particular, you can temporarily explore new horizons in addition to your own job. We organise placements and temporary assignments in a different working environment. But even after that the National Bank still encourages job rotation.