Conditions of employment

Attractive package

  • a good salary: the National Bank offers pay comparable to that in the banking sector. As well as a competitive starting salary, you enjoy a balanced system of pay progression
  • a sample from our additional benefits (depending on your statute and duration of employment): group insurance, medical expenses plan, subsidised mortgage, family benefits over and above the statutory minimum, broadband connection, etc.
  • own staff restaurant and a range of cultural and leisure facilities (including the media centre).


  • flexible working hours: you can to some extent decide yourself when you will start and end your working day and overwork will be rewarded
  • family facilities: they should permit you to combine work and family in the best possible way; in the school holidays our children’s club will cater for your children
  • company mobile increases your accessibility, when professionally needed


  • central Brussels location: easy to reach by public transport, and for our commuters that is totally free of charge
  • our own underground car park for cars, motor bikes and bicycles
  • a number of jobs are suitable for working from home: this can be arranged at set times or on an "ad hoc" basis.