Work areas


Do you have a Master's degree in Economics or an equivalent diploma with specialisation in macroeconomics? If so, we may have a job for you in our Economics and Research Department. The main task of this Department is to conduct analyses and make forecasts on a wide range of economic themes, with a view to backing up monetary policy and economic policy in general.

  • Cedric Duprez
  • Naim Cordemans

Prudential Supervision

The Royal Decree of 3 March 2011 implementing the Law of 2 July 2010 amending the arrangements for the supervision of the financial sector in Belgium assigns to the National Bank of Belgium a prudential supervisory role over the main financial institutions, with effect from 1 April 2011. The Law of 2 July 2010 introduces a bipolar system of oversight ("Twin Peaks") which gives the National Bank general control over prudential supervision and gives the new Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), that is taking over from the CBFA, responsibility for supervising the financial markets and ensuring consumer protection.

  • Peter Piu
  • Kevin De Bock
  • Sylvie Griffin

Information Technology

If you have IT skills we would welcome you in one of our many project teams. The projects may be for national or international customers, both internal and external. We have a constant need for all possible profiles at bachelor and master degree level. Thanks to the extensive training opportunities, you are always in touch with the latest technological developments.

  • Khalid Ben Yaacoub


If you have studied law you will find something to suit you in one of the units which provide advice, expertise and assistance in the various legal fields: Financial Law, Corporate Law and Enterprise Law. The International and Eurosystem Coordination unit also employs a number of lawyers.

  • Evy De Batselier

Applied Economics and Statistics

Did you study in an economic or financial orientation or in statistics, there will be plenty of opportunities for you. Depending on your profile, you can become involved in policy making and take on responsibilities relating to financial markets and stability (on a national and international level), or to statistics, or you may be involved in the coordination of the Bank's activities on international level.

Logistic (fixed-term contracts)

We offer contracts usually for one year to young people with a technical or vocational background, for logistical support (maintenance staff, kitchen staff etc.).

Museum (fixed-term contracts)

Fixed-term contracts usually for one year for young people trained in history (including history of art).


  • We regularly take on translators, because many of our publications have to be available in two or three languages.
  • In the Communication unit, linguistic competences are essential as well.
  • There is also a need for versatile administrative assistants.

Security and surveillance